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We facilitate inclusive, employee-driven leadership & well-being solutions that help cultivate healthy, vibrant work cultures & enhance organizational performance and growth.

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Kimberly Ficklin has been developing business leaders for over 15 years across a number of industries. She’s a Lifestyle Leadership Coach, Wellbeing Crusader, and Consultant, currently working with professional organizations building dynamic purpose-driven companies and larger progressive values-based organizations on a mission to create change in the world.

Overcoming many health challenges early in her career while in senior leadership roles, Kimberly has become a stand for health and self-care as the foundation of conscious leadership and defining success on your own terms.

Experiencing personal breakthroughs in this area, she is passionate about supporting leaders at all levels in exploring their own unique strengths and personal success foundations.


Kimberly has tons of professional coaching and leadership experiences, but most important to her is family, and she is a proud mom of 2 adult daughters and Grandmother to 2 amazing kids!
She loves traveling, hiking, camping and kayaking and has made this a key element of her lifestyle.

Kimberly didn’t initially set out to become a nutritionist. Life was moving along as planned for this professional when illness forced her to take a serious detour. Refusing to be locked into a lifetime of endless drug prescriptions, she turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes for alternative solutions. In less than 6 months, she was on her way to living a completely different life – without the diagnosis, the prescriptions, or the consistent discomfort of her ailments. This was a catalyst for learning for Kimberly. She returned to school and currently holds a Certification in Practical Nutrition and is also a Certified Clinical Weight Loss Coach. Kimberly looks and feels better than ever – and she’s on a mission to assist others in transforming their reality through healthier holistic choices – from brain to belly.

Kimberly’s passion stems from her own journey overcoming illness and stress in a busy corporate environment. A recovering stressed out corporate sales person turned recognized Nutrition Coach and public speaker, her personal mission is to help you live your most inspired life, where you are fully engaged taking care of yourself and making health a priority so that you can live the most amazing life possible. She specializes in helping busy professionals navigate self~care more easily and effectively. Her practical coaching style empowers her clients to have more energy, less stress, and an overall shift that brings vitality back to their lives. The heart of her belief is that small, simple steps daily can add up to big shifts in energy & vitality.

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